Aches and Pains with Age

As a young child I don't recall ever having serious muscular aches in my body. Despite being active in various sports activities I fail to remember suffering muscular aches and pains from muscle fatigue. Perhaps because the aches and pains went away very quickly and they were simply forgotten. One might wonder what is the significance and why does it matter.

Well, it matters now because I am now in my mid-forties and ever since reaching the age of thirty I felt many aches and pains all over my body. Some pains were so debilitating that I had difficulty breathing as muscle knots on my back would be impinged when I breath. At times when I take a shower and make a slight abrupt movement my neck muscles are suddenly pulled. When the neck muscles are pulled the neck stiffness would last for days and I would be unable to turn my neck without turning my whole body.

So I ask myself, what was the difference in my muscles when I was young compared to now when I am older. According to my doctor, when you are young your muscles are more elastic or flexible so that the muscle fibers are more able to withstand physical shock. But when you are older, your muscles become less elastic and more likely to collapse caused by abrupt movement, blunt force and cold temperatures. Well I guess that explains why I now easily get sore muscles when doing simple physical work like bending while doing the garden.

Now that I have this knowledge from my wise doctor, I have made some adjustments in my lifestyle and some daily routines to maintain the longevity of my body. I now take daily walks instead of jogging. I take a warm shower in the morning instead of showering at room temperature. I now regimentally do stretches every morning to prevent muscles being pulled. I have become choosy with the pillows I use so that I don't wake up with a stiff neck. I have recently taken yoga for relaxation and relieve stress.

With all the adjustments I'm making, I guess it is my way of slowly and gracefully accepting mid-life and the inevitable senior years to come. Although, I certainly do not feel old and I'm certainly not going to give up some youthful activities; not just yet, it is worth to bear in mind that your body does not stay young forever and be mindful of its limitations. I always say to myself "think before you lift that bucket".

Written by Paul Green — September 02, 2013