Planning A Road Trip?    

Remember the last time you were driving on the road with your family. You look up in the rear view mirror, and what do you notice? Well if you're a parent you probably have already guessed it. Your kids! Half of the time though, they're always asleep. Well at least for some of you maybe.

Here's the problem, you might have noticed their position of sleeping in the car. They would fall over to their side! They would end up sleeping in a very awkward and unhealthy position for their neck and back.

Remember the last time you woke up with a muscle pain in your shoulder/neck area?

Here's the solution, the RestMyNeck car pillow thats designed to/for...

  • -Provide a comfortable sleep in the car 
  • -Designed for all ages/heights               
  •  No more falling over to the side           
  •  No more neck/shoulder pains              

Now I know what you're thinking... "What about the other car pillows out there that exist today? What makes this any better?"

The answer is simple, think of the other travel pillows out there designed for a car that exist today. One sharp turn by the driver, and they've fallen back into that unhealthy sleeping position.

Once you own this new and simple accessory for your car, you've will never have to worry again about your kids falling asleep in an awkward position. One small purchase with lifetime value.