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"When I plan a road trip with my family I never forget to install the Restmyneck car pillow. When  sleeping in a car this car pillow is very handy."    Tom C. ...Galveston, Texas


"As a mother of three, I used to climb to the back of the car to adjust my children's heads when they sleep in the car.  Since installing the RestMyNeck side sleeper pillows  I don't have to worry about that anymore. "  Christine R....Bakersfield, California.

"My family and I drove on a ten hour trip from Toronto to Chicago for Christmas.  Having the RestMyNeck car pillow sure made the trip easier for  my kids.  They slept very well almost entirely throughout the whole road trip. "    Robert H....Toronto, Ontario

"This pillow is very comfortable. I love the way it hugs and supports my neck. "
Mary M....Calgary, Alberta

"I saw this pillow on Youtube and I knew I just had to get one.  I'm on the road a lot and I sleep in the car a lot.  All the other pillows out there just don't do the job. I was looking for a pillow that will support me sideways. Believe me if nothing can support you sideways you just can't get a good sleep. This side sleeper pillow is just what I need on a long road trip."
 Mark Lewis.....Atlanta, Georgia.

"Hi, I am a 78 year old woman. The RestMyNeck pillow is just that for me. My neck is able to rest and I use it as a neck support while in the car."
Barbara T. ....Fort Myers, Florida

"The RestMyNeck car pillow works like a charm. I wonder why it was not available since they invented the car."
Pierre V......Montreal, Quebec


"This pillow is wonderful and my kids just love it.  It works like no other travel pillow."

Richard P.......Spokane, Washington


"Ingenious and works like a charm.   I have four of these side sleeper pillow in my car."

Brian H.  , Cleveland, Ohio


"My children always sleep in the car. This is the best pillow they ever used while on the road."

Susan L. , Medicine Hat, Alberta


"was delivered on time for my road trip to Florida. I stopped to rest twice in a rest stop and this travel pillow is very handy."

Vince K. , Ottawa, Ontario


"I like how this neck pillow hugs between my neck and head.  It's very comfortable and when I don't need it I just flip it up."

Terry R. , Salt Lake City, Utah


"I bought this side sleeper pillow as a present for my grandmother.  She just loves this neck pillow because she can rest to her side and helps her frail neck."

Jane G.,  Fort Worth, Texas


"Thank you for the pillow. It helps my frail neck a lot when I travel"

V. Wilson, Dearborn, Michigan


"This is exactly the type of car seat head support I needed so that I can rest without falling. Thanks to restmyneck for this great invention."

Debbie Walsh, Augusta, S. Carolina


"I purchased 4 sets for my wife and kids and my elderly mom. This pillow is a great for my sleeping kids in the car. My mom is very thankful for this is the only pillow that supports her neck in the car.  I waited 5 weeks to deliver from Canada but was worth the wait."

J. Murphy, Manchester, England


"Sturdy and comfy pillow for the car. I love it.  I sleep like a baby in the back seat".

Daria  S., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


"Mom and Dad love this pillow. In there 80's they like the fact that it supports their neck when in the car"

Mauricio C., Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada






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